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Here's the deal - this is not a joke at all - I genuinely believe this song was inspired in some kind of magical way. It just came to me, all at once. And everything about it - the singing of it, just everything - was like magic. And the words, literally, came to me faster than I'm writing these words. They just came to me.

I have a way with words it's been said - (by me, mainly!) But, I can literally write with Suessian rhythm and rock solid rhyme (I hate cheated rhymes...) faster than I can write English. I really can. But mostly it's either stupid, senseless, sophomoric, or to entertain my friends.

But this was different - It's like - y'know that book, Course in Miracles? (It was supposedly written by these people inspired by God or something.) But it's kind of stupid, as:

a) It's basically gibberish, with some ideas woven in that are kind of good, perhaps.

b) It's OBVIOUS there's not some guy in the sky sending down dictation - or why wouldn't they have written it in Swahili, or some language they didn't understand.

Geez, people are so gullible, even when it comes to their own subconscious minds!

Still - it's not either/or. Cuz I can tell you -

a) No one else would have made this song, and I was able to do it so quickly and effortlessly because I had lots of practice making less good songs, and all that stuff becomes internalised and automatic and part of your nervous system et al

b) I would not have made this song if it was just me. It just wasn't. It was inspired.

Remember, we call it music because the Greeks felt music was given by Muses. Michael Jackson felt the same way about the songs he wrote, so does Tom Petty, and Lennon/McCartney sometimes did, too.

Anyway, I wanna sing this song at Glastonbury.

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The site that was here was shut down by our service provider - Kickapps - with no notice, making everyone who contributed tot this site lose several years of work. NEVER use Kickapps - they are thieves and scoundrels.

However - I truly believe - I genuinely do - that this song, Smile, was inspired by that kind of magic force that...inspires people, sometimes.

And, as the song is all about Smiling in the face of adversity, ShareMusic will now be totally devoted to one thing - making everyone on earth...(smile!)

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