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Find friends through music
Find music through friends


make music and share it started out as a wonderful idea...a place for people to share music! I started it, btw... I made friends from all over the world, but the most wonderful thing about it was that people who shared music - just to share music - not to get rich, or be pop stars, but just to share music - were often the most...

Well...words fail me. Listen. This is just one example...[link coming]

This woman or girl - I have no idea - this female, from New Jersey, uploaded an a capella version of I Want to Hold Your Hand (I Wanna Hold Your Hand) - filled with angst, longing, melancholy, and sadness. The total opposite of The Beatles' version - but if you think about the words...they could be interpretted as she did. Anyway, she just sang it, one day, into her computer, and uploaded it.

It was truly beautiful.

I also met this really cool girl from Iran, through the site. How amazing is that? Music can bring people around the world, together...

Sadly, the company that paid for everything "pulled the plug" as, y'know, it's unfortunately not possible to share music without paying for hard disk space, and bandwidth, and computers - sharing music, free, costs money...and they were losing money (the advertising did not begin to cover the costs).

So, I am doing an experiment. I'm going to start by sharing my music, free (but with optional donations). If I don't lose money by giving away my music, free, I'll feel the confidence to re-start ShareMusic, paying for it with a small fee or percentage or some other clever way, to let everyone out there share their music...

Music can be a beautiful thing, but its association with fame, glamour, bad hair styles, and all the rest, takes away from music's true magic...

So, here is some of my music, to share.



I measure my success in the friends I make, and the lives I make better.
Share Music, to make the world better...

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