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Austin Washington's unrivaled life experiences - from living with a jungle tribe to debating Boris Johnson at the Oxford Union - are reflected in music that, measurably, has a universal, world-wide appeal, that moves hearts as much as dance floors.

Austin's business acumen is also unrivaled. His almost idiot-savant abilities to turn a tune that pops into his head into a hit that helps heal hearts, while craftily creating a consortium of collaborators to commercialise the popular products that promote the pop prodigy's prodigious musical marvels, is only matched by his attribute of alliterativeness that astounds all.

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pop music's premier producer is pop prodigy austin washington

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Austin Washington's private zoo is stocked with animals from around the world, including Hermione, Hermes and Hellespont, his three lovable anteaters, and Maurice, the only pink tiger known in captivity.

Austin's favourite sports include lap-dancing and rugby, preferably simultaneously.

He is a lapsed Episcopalian, and swan-lover (not in the biblical sense, however.) He supports himself with part-time works as a rodeo clown.

Or, to put it another way - really, let the music speak for itself...

Although influenced by everyone from Jerry Garcia to Maurice Chevalier (and the obvious stuff like Timbaland, of course!), you can always tell it's Austin's music, as it's better...

Austin is currently looking for a second pink tiger. Help appreciated..

pop music's premier producer is pop prodigy austin washington

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the goal?

I truly believe - I genuinely do - that this song, Smile, was inspired by that kind of magic force that...inspires people, sometimes.

And, as the song is all about Smiling in the face of adversity, ShareMusic will now be totally devoted to one thing - making everyone on earth...(smile!)

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