Is it too much to change music, change the world, and change the world through music?


Find friends through music
Find music through friends

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Could I change the world?

Could I change my world?

Could I change music, and lives, and spirits and souls around the world...especially my own?

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Share Music.




ShareMusic in a brand new way. For music made for the right reasons.

What are the right reasons?  If you're here, you know...

Sign up to get more music like you hear and see above, and, maybe, to share your music with like minded souls.



ShareMusic Festival – for music made for the right reasons.

What are the right reasons?  If you're here, you know...

Sign up to get more music like you hear and see above, and, maybe, to share your music with like minded souls.


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Share Music at ShareMusic

Share music isn't (just) a website, or (just) an app, or even (just) an idea.

It's a mission.

To take music, and sharing music, to a whole new level.  

Here are some ideas:

• Upload this song and video in YOUR Youtube account.

• Make your own video of this song, and upload it.

• Do your own version of this song.

• Something else???


There is this ugly destructive idea that maybe you've never thought about as such: The idea that getting lots of "views" "eyeballs" "clicks" or "engagement" is the goal of online media.

This is sickening to anyone who thinks for a moment about what music – or, really, anything at all –  can, and should, do and mean.

Let’s say you make music. I do. But it’s not all I do. Or even mostly what I do. (I just wrote a critically acclaimed book...)

But I do make music.

So,  for example, during the most recent half a year or so I shared one song and video with just one friend. A friend who was far away, a new friend, who I really wanted to stay friends with. Isn't showing one person that  you care (by going to the trouble of making an entire song and video just for them) a vastly greater thing than whatever superficial ego boost I might have got if 10,000 people I don't even know clicked a Like button?

Of course there is a middle ground. Creating something great, that's too great for most people to "get", but still for more than one person. If you think about the way our society has taught us measure things, all classical music ever made is worse than just one Lady Gaga song. Because more people have "liked" just one Lady Gaga Youtube video than all classical music ever made (I bet.)

This can't be the right way to think, though, can it?

This can't be the way to measure what's great.

It's not what used to happen. Yet, say, in films – when was the last time you heard a news report about people really being moved by a film, or even a news report of a film being highly critically acclaimed, which perhaps led to more people seeing it.

You can't think of one, can you?

It’s all "box office gross". Or iTunes sales. Or a band's pleasure at having its song in a Coke commercial.

Have you ever stopped to consider how f***ed up all this is?

Then another entire song and video that I made I gave to, I think, four friends. It's actually a song I'd first started when I was fourteen. It took from then ‘til now to finally get it right. Yet four friends were enough for that one. Because it showed I cared about them.


I did something like this a few more times, actually...

If I make people who are my friends think, or feel something, or be awed, or inspired...after doing that, why the he** would I care to have a million strangers gawk cluelessly and click a “Like” button? It’s almost like an invasion of my privacy.

F*** them.

If this resonates with something you’ve already thought, or makes you think something you’ve never thought, but now see at least has some truth to, join up, here.

The idea is to make music better. And make sharing music better.

Ideally, the more people who think this way, the better. The more people who make music for the right reason, not ego gratification but instead blowing people’s minds, or letting friends know you care, or making a party - your party, not a stranger’s party - better - and if at the same time people get away from the idea that, for example, a music video is supposed to turn the artist into some kind of sad simulacrum of a third-rate Greek god, but instead embrace the notion that the point of a music video is to touch people’s souls and change their hearts and expand their minds – the more people who think that way, the better the world we live in will be.

Share Music





Share Music at ShareMusic started out as a wonderful idea...a place for people to share music! I started it, btw... I made friends from all over the world, but the most wonderful thing about it was that people who shared music - just to share music - not to get rich, or be pop stars, but just to share music - were often the most...

Well...words fail me. Listen. This is just one example...[link coming]

This woman or girl - I have no idea - this female, from New Jersey, uploaded an a capella version of I Want to Hold Your Hand (I Wanna Hold Your Hand) - filled with angst, longing, melancholy, and sadness. The total opposite of The Beatles' version - but if you think about the words...they could be interpreted as she did. Anyway, she just sang it, one day, into her computer, and uploaded it.

It was truly beautiful.

I also met this really cool girl from Iran, through the site. How amazing is that? Music can bring people around the world, together...

Sadly, the company that paid for everything "pulled the plug" as, y'know, it's unfortunately not possible to share music without paying for hard disk space, and bandwidth, and computers - sharing music, free, costs money...and they were losing money (the advertising did not begin to cover the costs).

So, I am doing an experiment. I'm going to start by sharing my music, free (but with optional donations). If I don't lose money by giving away my music, free, I'll feel the confidence to re-start ShareMusic, paying for it with a small fee or percentage or some other clever way, to let everyone out there share their music...

Music can be a beautiful thing, but its association with fame, glamour, bad hair styles, and all the rest, takes away from music's true magic...

So, here is some of my music, to share.


I measure my success in the friends I make, and the lives I make better.
Share Music, to make the world better...

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