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Project #1: One Song •One World • Billions of very different people

The idea: I've been randomly recording music and life around the world for (what seems like) ever. i was recently given a contract to make a demo video for a series for a major u.s. cable network (i've appeared on other people's shows, and they liked me). i got my friends to make the demo, free, took the money from the network, and am going to South Africa to make videos far too cool for t.v. (will i make a series? a documentary? viral videos galore? something never done before? all of the above?)

they got their demo, and now you'll get the future (of music, travel, and more...)

i made this video (see below) in my basement the other day, as i'm counting the days 'til my departure for south africa.

want to learn more? want to be part of the show? wanna follow my adventure around the world?
(wanna free song and cool stuff mailed to ya?!)

i hate social media (i love social life) thus, only this, measly old-fashioned email list c'est la vie...:



The summer after my first book came out, I was sitting alone on a mountaintop, thinking.

Well, okay, the mountaintop was in the Cote D’Azur, and I was alone in the very expensive condo of a friend’s parents, when everyone else had gone out to do what normal people do on summer nights in the Code d'Azur.

I felt petulant (and in need of some “me-time”.)

Still, for the sake of this story, I’d appreciate your picturing me robed in white on the kind of mountaintop you first pictured (y’know, the rocky, barren, wind-swept kind), not the condo-filled kind where I actually was. If you'd imagine a kind of halo atop my head, that might help, too.)

None of those embelleshments are true in the literal sense, but I find the literal truth to have a merely tangential relationship with Bigger Truths™. (I don’t really own the trademark on the phrase Bigger Truths™, but I think the ™ conveys something important, if not entirely articulable.)

But let’s try:

McDonald’s does claim ownership of the phrase “lovin it™”. If they can register as common a phrase as ""lovin' it", I don't see why I shouldn't be able to register, say, “I love you™”. If all goes as planned, I'll soon be able to buy my own condo in the Cote d’Azur.

I figure I'll have SWAT teams charge into cozy candle-lit French restaurants where couples would be most likely to be violating my intellectual property rights by saying "I love you™" to each other.

I’ll know just when to strike, as I’ll be watching the love-birds with my love drones™.

Or is this, really, just a jumble of all the junk that the media pumps into my mind? Have I simply barfed up a mish-mash of the bile that newspapers and bloggers put in my head this morning – drones, corporations owning everything up to and including common every-day phrases, fascist SWAT teams attacking jaywalkers (or whatever), lunatic lawsuits?

Come to think of it, that's probably it. “Think before writing”, I keep telling myself, but I always get it backwards...


Share Music is about something different from everything else that’s been pumped into your head today by the mad media onslaught most of us are constantly subjected to.

Share Music is about inspiration, connections between ourselves and the universe and each other. Share Music is about souls, hearts, and imaginations, cut-off (to the extent it’s possible) from the commercial corporate media onslaught that makes us deadened drones of a very diseased system.

A system that's so omnipresent that it's taken control of what should be our most sacred form or communication:


We're here to change that, and to Share Music™ :D


Corporate Music

Corporations (didja know?) were only granted charters to be corporations, in the early days of of America, when you could prove that your proposed corporation gave more than it took? And corporations ask for a lot. Society gives a group of people legal protection from responsibility for their own actions, in exchange for the good for the entire society that the corporation promises. This meant, when the concept of corporations was invented, roads, canals, that sort of thing. Their value outweighed the, arguably, outrageous benefit of allowing people to, in some cases, get away with murder.

No, no, no, not merely a metaphor. If you kill someone in the U.S. – if you kill someone – it's kind of a big deal. You know, murder, and all that.  However, if you kill an employee in the U.S. under the aegis, of, say, Walmart, Walmart pays a maximum fine of $7,000. And you walk home whistling a happy song. (Or maybe a very sad tune, to give credit where credit's due.)


(OSHA regulations makes the maximum fine for killing someone, when working for a corporation, $7,000 – which the corporation pays, not you - although the fine actually imposed is usually less than $1000.)

Yay corporations.


What does any of this have to do with Share Music? Everything. Music, mostly, these days, like it or not - or believe it or not - does not come from a munificent magical musical source, floating high up in the sky somewhere between the Milky Way and Mars. But it could.

It still can be that.


There I was, be-robed and be-haloed, on that mountain-top, lovin it™. No radio, no TV, and more than that...away from radio and TV and all media for ages, as no real internet that month on that Cote d'Azur mountin (just expensive and bad 3G.) (This wasn't by design. Just my friends parents didn't pay for wifi for a condo they only used a few weeks a year.)

What happened, with no media onslaught to overwhelm my brain?. My brain's own thoughts kicked in, bedazzled, as I see it, by a magical muaical spirit floating in from the sky, originating somewhere between the Mikly Way and Mars.

It came to fill in the gap. No media onslaught from the outside in?

Music from the inside out.

Music froma spirit in the sky to strings of my friend's brother's guitar, which I had borrowed on that particular evening (borrowed without permission, but when the muses strike, mere mortal niceties go out the window along with babies, bathwater, and whatever else might try to get in the way.)

My friend’s brother’s nylon string guitar had been lying around, unstrummed. My friend had got very very pissed-off when I had borrowed her father's hat, so I assumed she'd blow a fuse if I played her brother's guitar (it was actually my girlfriend's friend, I don't have friends like her!) Still, I thought, inspiriation is inspiration, and I was inspired.

I picked the guitar up, and...

This song (Share Music) came into my head.

This is just the demo, which I ended up recording a few weeks after writing the song, that night under the Cote d'Azur stars. By then, I was in a German basement, cutting and pasting a drum pattern, and playing piano chords on my computer (mac) keyboard - my computer was the only instrument around, except for my friend’s viola (which I can only barely play a scale on.)

I  sang the vocals in another friend’s basement studio a few days later, in another German town,

This song is now the template, and the inspiration, for the entire Share Music project.

Rock on...

Share Music

the world's song

Please sign up for the list (see above), and I'll send you a sound file of the song demo, AND, if you like, I hope you can contribute something to the song (and the show)

One song

With the right lyrics

Can brighten

A million people’s day
One song

With the right spirit 

Can chase

A bad dream away


Singing together

Can lift

The whole world’s soul
Share music

Share sunshine

Share joy

And make the whole world whole

CH 1
So share yeah share the music
Share yeah share your joy
Come on everybody

Every girl and boy

Bumble bees bumble bees buzzing around
Buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz
A lot of people just make music
Just just just because
But only make music and share it
When you feel the shit
Cuz when your shit is real yeah
You feel the real deal
The music spirit
The music spirit
The music spirit

Plugged in

To your computer
In your iPhone
Or sing songs
And make music
And make friends
Or be iLone

So share yeah share your music
Share share the joy

Come on everybody

Every girl and boy
(blah blah blah blah blah)

One heart

With the right rhythm

Can make

The world around you sing 

Your heart

If what you take then you give ‘em 

Is the world’s

Most important thing, so

Share yeah share your music
Share yeah share your joy
Come on everybody

Every girl and boy
(Come on and sing it to me)


Want to make a song go viral this summer? Go here (to Pop Music) to join my effort to make a really bad song viral.

The goal? If we get good enough at it, we'll take the next step and make a good song go viral, thus bending the arc of the world a tiny bit towards something more extraordinary...


join, here


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