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Share Music: Dream

We made Share Music: Dream with just 9 shots, in 90 minutes .

Share Music Interview

We filmed Share Music: Africa for 9 weeks

Share Music: Africa

Share Music: Africa is at least 9 times bigger (and better)


All we ask is just 9 dollars to help us complete it



no doubt - help us out

We don't have a preview of Share Music: Africa yet (which has very little to do with that..."art" film), but...


Here's the Story:


On 17 December, 2016, exclusively on and, a feature-length film Share Music: Africa, (along with some killer music) will be released.

(support it/get it/donate here)


Here's the Rest of the Story:

A few months ago. I was given a few thousand dollars to make a "demo" for a TV series, starring me :D For a cable television network.


They gave me enough money for a half-day shoot, and some editing.


I got my friends to shoot the "demo" free, then took the money (enough for a half-day shoot in America) and spent two months immersing myself in African culture and music.


Here's a bit of the demo we shot (free, in America, before I left for Africa).


can't go wrong – help our song

It was actually amazing how enthusiastic people were. The Indian guy in that video stuck around for 45 minutes after we filmed him, so he could find out exactly: Where/when/how could he see Share Music (whenever we finished it!) He was so excited...


After we filmed that, but before I left for Africa, I really tried (and tried and tried) to get my network, my collaborators – anyone – to shoot this (crazy?) idea I had for a better demo. They refused.


For one thing, they said it was too expensive. Green screen, a flying rig...$20,000, $30,000 I was told. Minimum.


So I went to my basement – having grown up on Youtube – and made it myself. Cost? Free.


be super groovy– help us with our movie

If you have imagination, if you have passion...anyone's stuff is better than what "grownups" make, IMHO.


$0 + Imagination.


And yet, it's not actually free to do the Share Music project . I did have to hire some people in Africa, there were some costs...and now there is the post production to do. (And now I want to go to India and other places to do more :)






This is where you come in :D


I got back to America, to begin editing, and thought this: 14 1/2 billion years. That's how long it took to get here (if you start counting with The Big Bang. In other words = life is brief, life is valuable. Do I really want to waste my time on this wobbly spinning planet making a TV show?)


At least that's the way I felt when I was all jet-lagged and stuff, or, most important, still felt Africa. So, the first thing I did was make that film (above) Share Music: Dream.


(That video, Share Music: Dream, FYI, is mostly made from...well, for example: The opening scene was shot when the crew and I were waiting for the "subject" we were filming that day. There was a cow painting on the wall, and a frying pan in the kitchen. We just made it up. It was kind of all like that...)


I'm not sure what, if anything, this "art" film (Share Music: Dream) is about. But I do know that it's too cool for TV (which, admittedly, isn't saying much.) (Oh, and, the music in Share Music: Dream was made without thinking or planning or anything. I just started singing along to the stuff we'd filmed. That's where the music comes from. Me, sitting in front of my computer editing, somehow inspired enough by the video to sing along with it.)




The ultimate point is there was no point, no great plan. Just like with life, when you're really living it right. Yes, yes, grownups, "responsible people", will tell you that you should have goals, but, if there is any point to that video, it's that goals can limit you as much as goals can help you.


Sometimes, it seems, if you're confident enough to let the world, or your spirit, or something, guide you...magic happens. Things you could never plan for...things you could never imagine, or dream of, happen.




Or maybe it's just about a stiff upper lip, and will power.




Obsession? Passion? And Magic?


It was like this:


The cameraman the first day ruined the sound, making it unusable. He would also, for example, zoom in on people's feet in the middle of a shot. This was the cameraman provided by a con artist, who'd promised to pay for everything in Africa in exchange for local rights to the show. I'd come all the way to Africa based on his word. Then, at 10PM the day before the first day of filming, he asked for thousands of dollars. For this:


share Share Music

A complete waste of a day. (And I did PAY for that, though not as much as he'd asked. F****)


I got mad, and then madder, and then maddest, and literally paced back and forth for hours, thinking, thinking, thinking...what to do, what to do, WHAT DO DO?! My AirBnB host knew a cameraman, one thing led to another...and we started filming some cool stuff.




Then one day, my friend and I went to a park....and got lost. Sunset was coming, and really you don't want to get lost in an African park at night.


You don't.


The only other person we'd seen all day in this mammoth park was a somewhat odd yoga instructor who'd been doing tandem yoga with his student. Odd or not, he got us out of there.


It was him or the hyenas.


He didn't seem so very odd, actually, so we decided to go with him to a dance class he was taking at a community centre. Interpretive dance. Hey, I did it, too – why not, I'll never see these people again, right?


* * *


A lady I met at the class put me in touch with a former ballet star (as we told the people at the class we were looking for anything musical to film...)


This is how we ended up filming a bunch of stuff at a charity dance center the ex-ballet dancer ran. It was cool – it is cool - but I couldn't figure out how it would fit into the, somehow, this short "art" film emerged, Share Music: Dream.


Magic? Hard work? Desperation? I just don't know...




So here's where I ask for money.


We shot so much cool footage, uncovered so many life-changing stories, heard music and talked with musicians that could transform people's lives (and already were transforming lives in Africa) – that, long before putting any of this magical footage into a TV show format, I realised I had to make a feature length film, called Share Music: Africa.


Like, how could I not? I just had to...


It's nothing like Share Music: Dream, btw. (Well, something like it, I suppose.)


Share Music: Africa includes both the feature length film, and music associated with it.


Share Music: Africa is like...well, think of Werner Hertzog's filming style, Kubrick's visual brilliance (okay, that my be a stretch, but...) JD Salinger's neurotic/spiritual outlook, with narration written with the word-smithery of Kurt Vonnegut. With a little bit of improvised surreal comedy thrown in for good measure (post-modern Monty Python?) I think that's what Share Music: Africa is like, mostly. :D


Share Music: Africa introduces you to the life-affirming, uplifting, cool, crazy, and amazing ideas, people, and music that we discovered in Africa. From the life of a Shaman (on the one hand) to the ritual killing and dismemberment that still goes on throughout Africa today (on the –  lack of –  another hand...think about it...word-smithery, I toldja). (International news doesn't show you the real Africa, both good and bad – Mugabe is saintly compared to a lot of what goes on, FYI.) The most important thing you'll get out of Share Music: Africa is you'll begin to feel your own soul and spirit again (at least that's what happened to me), feel the magic of life, and you'll also see how the soul and spirit of Africa affected me. Hey, it might affect you, too, if you give it half a chance.


No tourist, no book, nothing else uncovers the heartbeat of a place, its soul and spirit, alongside its musical beat, like ShareMusic: Africa




At the most optimistic level, Share Music: Africa is about letting Africa's soul uplift and expand yours.


(But it doesn't shy away from the dark side, either.)


And it's funny.


And, just, cool...


But...are you cool enough for it? That's the fundamental question.


Let's prove it, here:


Without enough support here, we'll have to bow to the corporate gods of commerce, and dumb everything down at some point, wedging it into a TV show format. But with enough FINANCIAL support from you, Share Music: Africa can be "it". The film, and music. No dumbing down. Funny and wise, a rollicking cockamamie adventure.


Wisdom and comedy.


Then we can go on and do the same thing in other parts of the world. (I feel Bollywood calling...)


Will you help? :D


I want the stuff I do to make a difference, but it can only make a difference if you FINANCIALLY support Share Music: Africa. We'll release Share Music: Africa on 17 December of this year (2016). Please pre-order now, or support Share Music: Africa by subscribing, and help prove that people – that you – think there may be something better, that Share Music: Africa will be part of it, and that you're willing to Share Music, too.


Thank you.







Reviews of Share Music

This first one's about my book, but, hey, I'm the same guy!



Support our cause: Share Music


Here are some more "grownups" (you can tell by their high-falutin' syntax!) talking about a few unpublicised recent musical things I did.


Exceptional. I thank you sincerely for sharing. You have depth and heart in your music,  something so many lack today. Again, my thanks for sharing. - Rain


"(...) Keep doing what you doing ...putting smiles on people's faces      
BRAVO!!!!! ....Violetta..........................
P.S Please never change!!!!!"


And here are some fans of my "teen" music - I'm beyond that, now :D



“ its really good ”


Gender: Female

Age: 16

Sign: Aquarius

Guwahati India indian flag


“ I’m hoping for some good songs.. and i just found it here! ”


Gender: Male

Age: 15

Sign: Libra

Philippines indian flag


“ Austin Washington love youuuuu ”

sevaloli austin washington pop music girl fan!


Gender: Female

Age: 16

Sign: Capricorn

Washington DC, United States 


“(…)I’m sure you will find a number 1 hit one day! ”


Gender: Female

Age: 14

Sign: Libra

Allston, MA indian flag


Your music really made me think. I’ve been in some trouble, and haven’t been able to decide what to do. After listening to your song it clicked. I know what to do! Thank you so much!

I’ll be one of the first to buy your music!

Love and Cookies,

– dimples


[Austin Washington] rulez! i think u r tottally cool!! work on your album and release it soon!!

i really like your music! put more on this site i will visit it often now !



Can I have an autograph? You guys are going to big!

– Sarah


“ i love you music ”

ciara us pop music fan of Austin Washington!

Ciara Bennet

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Sign: Cancer

United States 


“ so johnlennonesque! ”


Gender: uknown

Age: unknown

Sign: unknown


“ you are cool ”

indian girl music fan


Gender: Female

Age: 16

Sign: Aquarius

fl Falkland Island


“ fucking sucks ” [Austin: Can’t win ’em all! But, then, she’s Gemini, maybe she’ll change her mind. And, um, I don’t think that’s her real pic! :D]


Gender: Female

Age: 13

Sign: Gemini

Rockville, CT, United States 


“ this song is cool ”


Gender: Female

Age: 22

Sign: Capricorn

Ha9 9ej, United Kingdom 


WOW! I just heard that song and-WOW!- it really moved me. I think you guys are fab! Don’t change ANYthing! Keep up the fanTAStic work, sugar!

P.S. If you ever go on tour, pleeeeaaaaaassse try to make it to Georgia, honey!

Love and kisses!

– Lynda


the more i listen the more i like!! :)



Hi my name is elise and im 11 years old. i think you guyz are so talented and you rock! i hope you guyz make an album so i can buy it and listen to it everyday! bye peace out~ELISE~

– Elise



Now for My Thoughts on Reviews


There is this whole idea about "social proofing", y'know? If a lot of people like something, it must be good.


But, geez...this makes **insert top pop hit ** better than Bach. What most people like is actually bad. Still, I could put up fifty or a hundred comments from people whose minds were blown, hearts expanded, souls shaken. But that would still be mis-leading. Because, in fact, they probably represent...I dunno... .001% of the population?


I mean, think about movies. In the US, at least, you never hear: "An amazing new film just came out that changes people's lives." You don't even hear, "The funniest film in the universe was just made – at least if you're intelligent enough to understand it."


You never hear that.


You know what you hear?


You hear "box office grosses", "opening weekend numbers."


Tocqueville once predicted that in a culture with no culture, soon everything would be judged by money.


Welcome to America,


Guess what –  the almost three months I spent in Africa making Share Music: Africa changed my life more than a brand new Porsche would. Yet it cost less than a 20 year old Volvo .




Lots of People Like Something=Bad (mostly)


In truth, people tell me all the time that something I did or made changed their lives. It happens a lot. But I don't feel like bragging about it. And, as I said, most people are simply too stupid, soul-less, empty-headed and empty-hearted to understand or care about anything but Doritos and TV. So Share Music –  something that might blow your mind – wouldn't stand a chance penetrating their thick skulls. So it would be misleading to imply that most people will like anything to do with Share Music, as Share Music does not combine salt and sugar (did you know Coke adds salt –  bad for you – to keep you thirsty for more sugar –  also bad for you –?)


That's not what Share Music is about :p


The only thing that should matter to you is: does Share Music (and Share Music: Africa) matter to you? You don't have to be like everybody else, you don't have to follow the crowd, in fact one of the points of Share Music is to encourage you to search inside yourself for what is deeply true for you (also a message in my first book)....while encouraging you to avoid Twitter feeding frenzies, or artificial exuberance-waves pumped up by social media manufacturers and manipulators.


Here, then is my own review, aimed at the .001%, those not brain-dead half monkeys (no offence intended, but no one that stupid could/would have read this far, so we're safe, this far down on the page) : [that punctuation there isn't an inverse smilie, it's close parentheses followed by a colon...this is what I get for not having an editor for this website! :)] [That's a smilie followed by a close-brackets...followed by the opening brackets of this bit. Okay, I'll shut up now...thanks for listening, though...] "I'm trying my best to find magic and soul-stirring music, and lives, around the world. The best way you can show your support is, honestly, not with words (as a book author I can speak to their relative lack of value in today's economy :) - if the message here really resonates, please support it – that'll make more of it happen. It's, kind of, all up to you."


Thanx for listening :)





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Share Music. Thanx. :)


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Become a Bodhisattva today.

Learn to fly under your own power.


It's true, or as true as anything on the internet :D

Share Music Mission

Share Music and be Free (from, like, all bad things, forever. It might work...)


The mission of Share Music is the same as the message of my first book. Which is that, and if you've read this far you'll already know, is that you're not like most people.


You were born with something great inside you.


Yet society does everything it can to silence that greatness. On the most obvious level, if, perchance, you're ever swept up in waves of sludge-filled tweets, barrages of empty and moronic facebook posts, or Youtube's downward spiral to spongiform video-itus, you're really not thinking for yourself.


George Washington (as I wrote in m first book), maybe like you, at first saw no choice but follow the gray brick road laid out by society. In his case, he really wanted to go to a posh private boarding school in England. (Not quite as bad as Facebook posts and the school you probably go to, but still a waste of that great thing inside of him....)


George Washington's father died, though, when he was just a kid, and suddenly there was no money for the overseas school.


Sometime the darkest clouds have at least a pewter lining...


The education George Washington got, as he left school in his mid-teens, setting out on adventures in the wilderness with trappers, scalp-carrying Indians, and enemy soldiers (the French, at that time,) was much better than a formal education ever could have been, at least for George and his innate...greatness.


It's true that throughout George Washington's life he regretted he didn't know Latin, and thus couldn't read the "classics", filled with the knowledge which gave his fellow founders and compatriots the perspective and wisdom to change the world.


Yet he was truly "educated", at least if you know what "education" really means.


* * *


You don't? Glad you asked....


"Education" comes from the Latin word "educere", still an Italian word today, which means to lead out (which not what happens in most schools, is it? They just cram as much as will fit in your cerebellum, n'est-ce pas?) (See what knowing a little Latin does? It helps you to see that the whole "education system" is not "educating" you at all. It's instructing you, mostly to obey, recite, and regurgitate.


Your "education" is not educating you.


Who knew?


You do.


* * *


George Washington's education – the kind he got, if not the kind he wanted when he was a kid – helped him find a spark somewhere inside him, a destiny, the thing he called "Providence". "Providence" allowed George Washington to break far more rules than you will ever dream of breaking. He fought a war to throw off tyranny –  not the vapid tyranny of your twitter feed (however onerous it is), nor even the unfair rules in your school –  but tyranny as monstrous as an army fighting against the call of liberty and freedom beating in George Washington's heart.


His greatness.


Or, as I said when I was eight years old, "I'll do whatever I want, whenever I want, however I want, and nobody's going to stop me."


Hey, it worked for Uncle George.


* * *


Share Music is yet another effort to shake off tyranny, this time the tyranny of cyber-sludge, moronic-music, and all filth which overwhelms even potentially great people...the never ending onslaught of vapid click, swipe swipe, there goes your life.


Yet shining out, even through the morass of tweeted sludge seeping in to every nook and cranny of your cranium, somewhere inside you – maybe not somewhere inside everyone, but somewhere inside everyone who's read this far – is your music, your song.


It might not be a literal song, but then again, it might be.


Ultimately, the point of Share Music is to remind people that before music became a vehicle to get rich, or satisfy the egos of the chronically insecure, it was a way to connect our spirits to something divine.


And it may be again.






Share Your Music with Us?

Probably not. But read on, if you insist...:)

Give us your money - how many times can we ask? Geesh...:)

A huge part of Share Music is to believe in the magic of serendipity, live life, and stay off your computer... However, if you really want to send us some stuff, especially to use in our TV show, you can upload it here.


The reason you have to contribute (pay) something is anyone who puts up a website like this gets overwhelmed with communications/submissions. You are fundamentally missing the point if you do this, though. Find the people around you to share your music with. However, for those who insist.. something might happen, you never know (BUT PROBABLY NOT). I'd save my money if I were you...but, if you insist...:)


The difference between silver and gold? More money for us. Honestly, even if you do this, probably no one will listen to your stuff. Just sayin'...kinda like the lottery. Just...maybe...

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NB You are paying either $10 or $25 to be considered only. The difference between silver and gold is merely psychological. We'll probably pay closer attention to the gold. But we probably won't listen to it at all – it'll just collect digital dust, out there in the ether, somewhere...don't say we didn't warn ya.


Just sayin'...


You've been warned.


Share Music. (Don't go for this old-fashioned gatekeeper mentality. Do it yourself.) Still, it's another way to support the project, so, y'know...we're all for it on that level :)



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